SAIBOKU3 shareware
PenWorks 3 - Annotation Tool -

SAIBOKU Tools let you draw on your desktop screen / image file by tablet or mouse.
■ SAIBOKU3 Desktop

SAIBOKU3 Desktop

- Desktop Annotation Tool -

SAIBOKU3 Desktop

You can draw the line on the desktop display by the mouse or tablet by SAIBOKU Desktop.
Even if you change to operation mode, the drawn line does not disappear.
You can draw the line on the movie or the slide show of PowerPoint.

■ SAIBOKU3 Whiteborad

SAIBOKU3 Whiteborad

- Whiteboard and Image Annotation Tool -

SAIBOKU3 Whiteborad

"SAIBOKU Whiteboard" let you draw on picture by tablet or mouse. You can draw JPEG/PNG/BMP files.
Because it has the window only for the projector, it can carry out the presentation without your showing signs that the menu is selected.
And you can use SAIBOKU Whiteboard as a white board of SAIBOKU Desktop.

Trial & Buy

You can buy it by paypal on the product page of this web site.


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Thanks to KJ Georgette for help with this Readme file.