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PenWorks Desktop Ver 2.1.93 download

[ About ]

"PenWorks Desktop" let you draw on your desktop screen by tablet or mouse.

WACOM Tablet Support:You can use it with eraser and pressure sensitivity.

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PW_Desktop.exe PenWorks Desktop Program
Readme.html PenWorks readme first
LICENSE.TXT KANAE PROJECT End User License Agreement

[ Operating environment ]

Windows XP sp4, Vista sp2, Windows 7
The suggested memory size is 128 Mbytes or greater.

[ Credits ]

This software uses the following components. Thank you for producing useful components.

Delphi Encryption Compendium Part I by Hagen Reddmann
TMakatiButton by ZZZ---/T.Katoh
ImageEn 3.1.0 by HiComponents 1998-2010

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If you purchase a license, please check the method of registration here.