Must the password of a second life be entered into HANKO?
The serial box which you purchased tells you the password for which HANKO asks.
It is not a password of a second life.
I entered my name and password. But its still saying I'm not registered.
A user name distinguishes a capital letter and a small letter, and First Name and Last Name are separated by one space. Please check it. I recommend to use copy & paste of a keyboard shortcut for a registration of your name and password. If your avatar name is single word, your serial box says that your second name is "Resident". For example, if your user name is "Yuzuru", your serial box says your name is "Yuzuru Resident".
I bought HANKO serial box. But, I cannot see my serial number.
Please Rez and touch a serial box. Then, a serial box displays Password only on you.
Does HANKO operate on 64-bit OS?
Though HANKO is 32-bit application, I checked that HANKO can run on Windows 10 64-bit.
I made a sculpted Prim. It looks fine in HANKO, but it looks terrible in inworld.
Did you uploaded it by Lossless? If you have not done so, I recommend to upload by Lossless.
Can I buy HANKO serial box as gift for another avatar?
Sorry, I can't sell a serial box as a gift.
Can I transfer Serial box to other avatar?
No, you can't.