- Text to Speech chatting -

by Yuzuru Jewell(KANAE PROJECT) produced by youwith. 10/15/13

IDOBATA 2.14 was released at 01/27/15. Please check IDOBATA2 web site.

IDOBATA Pro is the text to Speech chatting program. You can check nearby chat without chat window.

It watches the chat file and speak the updated chat by Microsoft Speech API 5.4 or Microsoft Speech Platform 11.
You can unify the voice and the chat. So, your in-world radio live will be extended.

If you can't use Microsoft Speech Platform 11, you can download it from following link at your own risk.

IDOBATA Pro 1.9 (10/15/13)

A trial period is for three days.
After the trial period, IDOBATA Pro sometimes speak about the request of registration during the trial.

Win 32bit Win 64bit

Virus checked by NOD32 ver.8917.

The Software is provided "AS IS," without a warranty of any kind.
In no case shall the author be liable for any damage or unwanted behavior of any computer hardware and/or software.
No Rental. Customer may not rent or lease the SOFTWARE to someone else.
All title and copyrights in and to the SOFTWARE (including but not limited to all images, photographs, animations, video, audio, music, text, and other information incorporated into the SOFTWARE), the accompanying printed materials, and any copies of the SOFTWARE, are owned by KANAE PROJECT.
The SOFTWARE is protected by copyright laws and international treaty provisions. Accordingly, Customer is required to treat the SOFTWARE like any other copyrighted material, except as otherwise allowed pursuant to this LICENSE and that it may make one copy of the SOFTWARE solely for backup or archive purposes.

Windows 32bit
Windows 7/8 64bit/32bit Microsoft Speech API (5.4 or later) or Microsoft Speech Platform (11 or later)
Windows 32bit
Windows 7/8 64bit Microsoft Speech API (5.4 or later) or Microsoft Speech Platform (11 or later)


There is no installer.


You can uninstall only by deleting "IDOBATA_Pro.exe" file.

1) Double click "IDOBATA_Pro" Icon.
You can run the secondlife viewer before booting this app.
2) Set chat file.
Please select your viewer and select your avatar.
3) Please click the START button.
"IDOBATA Pro" watches the size of chat file. When it will be updated, it will be sent to text to speech service.
4) If you want to stop watching chat file, Please click the STOP button.
If you click the STOP button, IDOBATA Pro stops watching chat file. Please click close button of the window to exit this app.

IDOBATA Pro starts/stops to watch chat file.
Skip Button:
You can skip the Speech.
You can select Voice and Volume and Rate.
You can set the interval of watching chat file.
Defaullt Button:
Setups is set to default.
Chat File:
You can select chat file from following two methods.
You can select chat file by selecting viewer and avatar name.
You can select chat file directly.
Chat text mask:
You can set the mask of chat text from following three methods.
-[YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm]:
IDOBATA Pro don't speak the time header of chat file.
-Secondlife chat:
IDOBATA Pro analyzes chat text.
-Speak All
IDOBATA Pro speaks all chat.
-Speak Translated chat
If you use translater functuon of secondlife viewer, IDOBATA Pro speaks only translated chat.
-Speak Original chat
If you use translater functuon of secondlife viewer, IDOBATA Pro speaks only original chat.
-Speak User Name
IDOBATA Pro speaks User Name.
-Speak Display Name
IDOBATA Pro speaks Display Name.
If you use translater functuon of secondlife viewer, IDOBATA Pro speaks only translated chat.
IDOBATA Pro doesn't speak the text which matches the regular expression written by you.

Please use these files in the same folder as IDOBATA_Pro.exe.

You can replace the words in the chat.
You can use the regular expression for Old Pattern.
Format : UTF-8
# KANAE PROJECT IDOBATA Dictionary Format V 1.0

If you select Secondlife chat, you can set white list or black list.
You can use only either.
If you use white list, please rename attached BlackList.txt to WhiteList.txt.
Priority is given to WhiteList.txt when there are both of files.
The user name must follow limitation of the second life.
Format : UTF-8
# KANAE PROJECT IDOBATA User List Format V 1.0
User Name1
User Name2
User Name3

10/15/13 IDOBATA 1.9
-The bug of Speak User Name/Speak Display Nmae was fixed.
-When you click Default button, Avatar Name List is reset.
-Inconsistency of the Whitelist / Blacklist is announced.
10/08/13 IDOBATA 1.8
-The Dictonary function was added.
-The BlackList/WhiteList function was added.
-The Read Display Name / Read User Nmae Option was added.
-The analysis function of the chat log was improved.
-The function to analyze the chat log using the display name setup of the viewer was added.
09/09/13 IDOBATA 1.7
-first release.
A trial period is for three days. When starting software, a dialog box asking for a serial code (license) is displayed.
Please purchase IDOBATA Pro Serial Code (license) from the IDOBATA Pro Serial Box in-world at: KANAE PROJECT Shop
After the trial period, IDOBATA Pro shows its web page when it boots, and it sometimes speak about the request of registration.
And the functions of word replace and WhiteList / BlackList can't be used.

Thanks to KJ Georgette for help with this Readme file.

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