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ROKURO(lathe) for win32 -Sculpted Prim Maker version 2.00 (07/10/09)
by Yuzuru Jewell(KANAE PROJECT) produced by youwith.

ROKURO 2.00 for win32 download Virus checked by NOD32 ver.4229

This Program makes Sculpted Prim textures as .tga files.
The shapes are similar to lathe products, a carved solid around a central axis.

The Software is provided "AS IS," without a warranty of any kind.
In no case shall the author be liable for any damage or unwanted behavior of any computer hardware and/or software.

There is no installer.

You can uninstall only by deleting the file called ROKURO.exe.

How to use
1)The screen shows the cross section of a solid like it might revolve on a lathe.
The center axis is a black line.
A user drags the blue circles and transforms a solid cylinder into the desired shape.
When a user presses the Shift-key, the user can choose more than one control point.
More than one control can be chosen by clicking individually or drawing a box around the points to be selected.

2) Save .tga file
This menu item outputs Sculpted Prim textures-- the sculpted solid derived from data from the plot on its screen.
The size of the tga file is 64x64.

3) Export Data
This menu item exports text files of the sculpted solid from data plotted on its screen.
The form of the text file is as follows:

--ROKURO DATA V3         //header
XX (tab) ZZ              //coordinate data
XX (tab) ZZ
--END OF ROKURO DATA V3  //footer
You can adjust the contents of these data files by opening them like spreadsheets and changing the numbers.

If you want to make changes in your file, it is important to export this data so Rokuro can read the file again.

4) Import Data
This program imports text data in the text form mentioned above.

How to use the Menus:
When you choose more than one control point, the following functions are available from the right-click pop-up menu. When you don't select any control points, the popup menu is not enabled.
-Rotate +30 Degree
The chosen control points turn counterclockwise around a center axis.
-Rotate -30 Degree
The chosen control points turn clockwise around a center axis.
-Horizontal Align
The chosen control points are lined up along the horizontal axis.
-Vertical Align
The chosen control points are lined up along the vertical axis.
-Equal Intervals
The interval of three or more selected control points is evenly arranged.
There is a 256-step UNDO and REDO function.

-Aspect Ratio
You can select from 32x32,64x16,16x64. When you change it, the data points are returned to their initial values, and the screen resets.
If using data from previous versions:
The data of 64 points before V3 is converted to 64x16.
The data of 128 points before V3 is averaged to 32x32.
The data of 9 points is extended to 16x64 points.
You can choose the kind of the column and number of sides in the final prim: the round cylinder, the triangular prism, the square pillar, 5 corner pillar and the hexagonal pillar.
If you check Sharp at the bottom of the menu, you can make the pillar with sharper edges.
You can choose the rotation: rotated 180 degrees, or rotated 360 degrees.

Note: If you select 180 degrees, the extra face may not be entirely satisfactory. You may wish to hide it by using texture and/or other prims.

You can expand the editing screen. You can change magnification by using the wheel of the mouse, too.
You can turn on a grid. The control points snap to the grid.
-Display Background
You can upload an image in the background of the editing screen. The type of image which can be loaded is JPEG.
-Level of Detail
You can select from Near, Middle, Far and Multi.
If you choose Multi, the client will display three steps of forms that display your object.
If you choose Middle or Far and edit a control point, the control points are automatically rearranged by the key control points.

Keyboard Operation
If you press an arrow key, the selected control point is moved 1 pixel. If you press an arrow key and the Shift key simultaneously, it will move 8 pixels.
If you are displaying the grid, control points are moved per grid. A Shift key cannot be used.

Stephen Zenith Says,"Rokuro(lathe) for win 1.0 works on Linux too, using wine." Thank you, Stephen Zenith!


sample1 import data: you can modify it
Disp1 SShot1

sample2 import data: you can modify it
Disp2 SShot2

sample3 import data: you can modify it
Disp3 SShot3

sample4 import data: you can modify it
Disp4 SShot4

column sample

column sample(sharp)


Cone Cone_17 Cone_33 Cone_65
  Cone Cone
Ball Ball_17 Ball_33 Ball_65
  Ball Ball
Cup Cup_17 Cup_33 Cup_65
  Cup Cup


Here is a list of tutorial programs that I recommend as very good as a result of my checking the contents.
  • SL course on sculpted prims with KJ Georgette at Rockcliffe University
  • Natalia Zelmanov's Second Life Diary Sculpted Prims Tutorial Part 3
  • videocgaa1395 introduced tutorial video to the public in YouTube. Thank you, BenjaKepler!
  • T2GO - Tutorial - Getting started with ROKURO by Lady Hathaway - you can buy it at her shop (500L$).
  • *matika's* Tutorial in ROKURO - you can buy at SL Exchange(550L$).
  • Calla's Classes And Workshops - Calla teaches one hour workshops. Calla has also written tutorials in her shops at Calla's Mall

SL Joint ROKURO(lathe) Templates

07/10/09 version 2.00
-The aspect ratio is changed by the number of control points.
-A function which will output sharper pillars was added.
-The display of the control point of the key of Level Of Detail was changed to square.
05/02/08 ROKURO 1.04
-The bug of output algorithm of sculpted prim was fixed.
04/20/08 ROKURO 1.03a
-Readme was updated.
04/11/08 ROKURO 1.03
-The output algorithm of sculpted prim is changed.
08/12/07 ROKURO 1.02
-The option saved in a BMP 24bit 64x64 file format was added.
This format can be used by Sculpty exporter for Wings 3D.
Detailed usage should see here. Thank you, Natalia Zelmanov!
08/05/07 ROKURO 1.01
-The 1x1 Grid functionality was added.
-The option saved in a BMP file format was added.
-The fault of the rendering of Rotate 180 Column type was corrected.
06/18/07 ROKURO 1.0
-View level was added.
-The rendering algorithm was changed.
-The number of control points was changed into 33, 17, and 9.
The import of the data of an old version will perform interpolation automatically.
-The locomotive function by a keyboard was added.
06/04/07 ROKURO 0.9
-Changed the construction of the menu
Add SaveSetup
Add View
-Add Zoom function
-Change Window type from Single to Sizable
-Add background image function (You can use an image in JPEG form)
-Add Grid function
-Add Rotate 180 Column type
-Change Rotation body preparation algorithm
-Change Inital Data
05/30/07 ROKURO 0.8
-flipped texture bug fixed
05/27/07 ROKURO 0.7
-New Equal Intervals Function
-Change Icon
-Add Rotate +30 Degree,Rotate -30 Degree,Horizontal Align,Vertical Align,Equal Intervals to Edit Menu
05/23/07 ROKURO 0.6
-New UNDO/REDO function
-Add ShortCut Key
-Modify Popupmenu
05/21/07 ROKURO 0.5
- More than one choice Bug fixed
- New Editing function
- New Menu Option Column type
- Export/Import Data Format changed V2
The form of the coordinate was changed from the integer to the floating point. You can import V1.
05/19/07 ROKURO 0.4
- When a user press Shift-key, A user can choose more than one control.
- More than one control can be chosen by the range designation.
05/18/07 ROKURO 0.3
-The aspect ratio bug fixed
-New Control Point Option
-New TGA File size
05/17/07 ROKURO 0.2
-A name is changed from ROKURO to ROKURO(lathe).
-flipped sculpty texture bug fixed
05/16/07 ROKURO 0.1
first release

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