by Yuzuru Jewell

■ News
  • 09/12/20 Lightweight 360-degree image viewer K360 was updated to 1.12.
  • 05/18/20 SAIBOKU3 Whiteboard was updated to 3.48.
  • 01/21/20 The operating environment of the tools on Windows has been updated.
  • 12/21/19 SAIBOKU3 Desktop was updated to 3.22.
  • 12/21/19 SAIBOKU3 Whiteboard was updated to 3.47.
  • 03/24/18 MP3toMP4 1.12 was released.
  • 01/13/18 OKKY was updated to 1.16.
  • 01/13/18 ONJO was updated to 1.11.
  • 10/28/17 OKKY 1.14 was released.
  • 08/15/17 IDOBATA 2.0 for win32/win64 was updated to 2.33.
  • 05/08/15 SERIFU 1.4 was released.
  • 12/24/13 KICNS 1.10 was released.
  • 09/16/13 KESHIKI 1.18 for win32/win64 was releasded.
  • 03/14/12 KENBAN 1.0 for win32 was released.

SAIBOKU Tools let you draw on your desktop screen / image file by tablet or mouse.


Penworks Desktop shareware
You can draw the line on the desktop display by the mouse or tablet by SAIBOKU Desktop.
Even if you change to operation mode, the drawn line does not disappear.
You can draw the line on the movie or the slide show of PowerPoint.
Penworks Whiteboard shareware
"SAIBOKU Whiteboard" let you draw on picture by tablet or mouse. You can draw JPEG/PNG/BMP files.
Because it has the window only for the projector, it can carry out the presentation without your showing signs that the menu is selected.
And you can use SAIBOKU Whiteboard as a white board of SAIBOKU Desktop.
SAIBOKU EPUB3 + Makino Nihon Shokubutsu Zukan freeware
SAIBOKU_EPUB 3 is a tool that can draw onto EPUB 3 format e-books.
"Makino Nihon Shokubutsu Zukan" is bundled with the support of E-text Institute.

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■ Products for Second Life
ROKURO(lathe) freeware
This Program makes Sculpted Prim textures .tga files for Second Life.
And it can make Collada file for the mesh of Second Life.
TATARA shareware
This Program makes Sculpted Prim texture .tga file. To make Sculpted Prim, this program has 7 modes and can preview it.
SOMATO shareware
SOMATO will project a flat picture onto your sculpted prim and OBJ File and KANAE Collada File, and display it as the texture of your sculpted prim and OBJ File and KANAE Collada File.

and more..

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■ K360 Shareware

K360 is a tool to display 360-degree images. You can browse and capture the pictures/videos taken by the 360 degree camera and the images of the games that can capture the 360 degree image.


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■ IDOBATA freeware

IDOBATA is the tool which reads out the chat which saved as text by other software, such as Secondlife.


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■ SERIFU freeware

SERIFU is the software which reads out the script text file in the voice.
You can use Microsoft Speech API / Microsoft Speech Platform.


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■ KICNS shareware

"KICNS" is the converter program from image files to OSX/Windows Icon file.


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■ KESHIKI freeware

"KESHIKI" is the tool which capture the active window and save it automatically.
So, you can capture the images for the tutorial of software simply.


  • If you press the hot key, KESHIKI saves the captured image by consecutive numbers at the specified folder. You can save the captured images continuously easily.
  • KESIHIKI can add the image of the pressed key to the capture image.

So, you can capture the images for the tutorial of software simply.

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■ KENBAN shareware

KENBAN is a Windows application that displays your keystrokes in a small floating window.


You can customize the appearance of the display window. It can display either keyboard only, or keyboard and mouse actions.

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■ OKKY freeware

OKKY is a tool which can share and manage internet shortcuts between browsers of IE / Firefox / Chrome / Vivaldi / Tor Browser / Pale Moon.


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■ ONJO freeware

ONJO is multiple sound player. You can use it on internet radio.


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■ MP3toMP4 freeware

You can make title image file from tag information of MP3.
By using ffmpeg, you can make MP4 file from mp3 and image file .


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